“What an incredible transformation my small seventies kitchen has undergone thanks to Joe and his trades people! It is indeed a sight to behold. My kitchen was completely gutted by Joe, as well as rewired and re-plumbed according to code by licensed master electricians and plumbers. Subsequently, everything was replaced from the kitchen fixtures and accessories to the ceiling and floor tiles. Joe did not install anything in my kitchen that he would not feel comfortable installing in his own home. In fact, he went to great lengths in finding me the same crystal quartz that he used in his own home. He installed quality products and used quality materials.

Joe was very adept in striking a balance between allowing me the freedom to make my own choices and offering his recommendations when necessary. Joe, thank you so much for providing me with a wonderful renovation experience. I appreciate that you went the extra mile every step of the way. Thank you for valuing me, your client, as much as you valued my home and my family.”