There are many reasons to develop your basement.  Whether you have a brand new home and need to develop that empty space, or need to gut your bungalow’s old non-functional one. Maybe you have been affected by the downturn in Calgary and want to start a home business or add a secondary suite.

Turn Key Basements & Renovations has the dedicated teams to make it happen in Calgary and surrounding area.

Our team of designers, project managers, in-house trades, suppliers and sub-trades make developing your space easy.

Basement Packages

Don’t know where to start? We have three fully customizable packages with a price point for everyone.



A great package for basements under 650 Sqft

  • Basement Preliminaries i
  • Construction i
  • Electrical i
  • Plumbing i
  • HVAC – Heating & Ventilation i
  • Drywall & Ceiling i
  • Doors & Trim & Hand Rail i
  • Paint i
  • Flooring i
  • Bathroom i
  • Connectivity & Entertainment i
  • 5 Year Warranty i


Includes all the GOLD perks and is only limited by your imagination

  • Professional Design & Concierge Services i
  • Customized finishing’s i
  • Extensive Selections i
  • Custom Wet Bar i
  • Custom tiled Shower i
  • Connectivity & Entertainment i
  • Connectivity & Entertainment i
  • 5 Year Warranty i

Springbank Hill – Calgary Basement Development

Mount Pleasant – Calgary Basement Development

Aspen – Calgary Basement Development


As long as the room contains a window with a window well that meets the proper size requirements for egress it is legal to use it as a bedroom. When listing your home a room in the basement should contain both an egress window as previously mentioned as well as a closet.

The average cost to finish a basement ranges from $45 to $50 per square foot. Depending on the style and finish desired, they can go as high as $65 to $95 per square foot or more with home theatres and wet-bars.

A finished basement does increase home value. Below grade space is appraised at up to roughly 60% of the square foot above grade value of your home. If resale value is your prime concern it is best to keep your budget at not more than 10% of your home’s above grade value.

A typical basement from bare space including frost walls, a bedroom, a 3-piece bathroom, plumbing, electrical, flooring and finishing takes approximately 8-12 weeks. This number however can easily stretch on longer depending on what products are chosen and additions to scope of work.

Below grade space is not counted towards the home’s listed square footage. However, a developed basement would add value to the home with the extra living space.

The best bet is to stay away from solid hardwood when planning your flooring for your basement. A good option to go with is Luxury Vinyl Plank as it holds up to moisture should there ever be an issue. If you really have your heart set on wood, engineered hardwood plank is actually a very viable option with a proper underlay/subfloor.

The most economical option would be carpet with 8lbs underlay, this also gives the best ratio of price vs R Value insulation. Carpet instantly transforms the warmth of a basement to be more comfortable.

A musty smell is normally caused by mold or mildew. This is a tell-tale sign that it’s time to take a good look at your foundation for damage that may be letting moisture in.

Small foundation cracks can be repaired by multiple methods utilizing epoxy injection or concrete patching materials. However, if you have an abundance of cracks, large and/or recurring cracks it’s time to call in the professionals as this may mean you have a larger issue.

Completely soundproofing a basement is a laborious and an expensive cost. The best way to think of the process would be to call it sound-dampening. Doing this includes adding resilient channel to the underside of the joist to keep the drywall directly off the underside of the floor joists and filling the joist spaces with mineral wool insulation. There are definitely further steps that can be taken but this provides the best sound reduction for your money without breaking the bank.

Our team at Turn Key Renovations has your back with our 5 year labor warranty on all our work. Most plumbing fixtures that we supply offer lifetime limited warranties. Each flooring manufacturer will have their own warranties. Cabinet warranties will be different from manufacturer to manufacturer, anywhere from 2 years to 25 years with limitations.

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