As an owner of a Renovation Company, Joe Quattrucci has a very simple philosophy, minimize any client headaches and maximize their investment returns on a project he undertakes.

Quattrucci started Turn Key Renovations in Calgary in 2007 as a natural spinoff from the days of his youth when he used to help out his father on construction jobs.

He began his business with small renovations, doing most of the work himself – everything from framing, boarding, tiling, finishing and carpentry. As the jobs got bigger and bigger, Quattrucci built relationships with reliable trades and officially founded Turn Key Renovations & Contracting Inc. in 2009.

“I used to work in an office setting doing commercial sales and the satisfaction just wasn’t there. You work your 9-5 and at the end of the day you leave. There was nothing to really show for it, says Quattrucci, who is married with three small children.

“What pulled me towards renovations and construction is that at the end of the project there is something tangible to look at and be proud of. You have a client that is happy and satisfied with something you’ve personally done. I enjoy the creativity and challenges of working on a project from start to finish.

Today, the company does all kinds of interior and exterior home renovations along with small to medium commercial work. It services client’s renovation needs from start to finish.

He says Turn Key works with clients to understand their needs and their vision and to help them understand the process, intricacies and demands of a renovation project. The company takes pride in its work, focusing on every detail to
ensure the end result is just what a client was expecting.

Quattrucci says Turn Key works with only the best and most reliable trades and makes sure each project is done to a client’s satisfaction and within their budget.
The company stands behind its work and will repair, free of charge, any defects in workmanship within two years of the completion of a project.

image_two“We try to be as transparent as possible. Carry our business with integrity. Provide great results and strive to give the client more than they are expecting. But what’s just as important is to be there when things go wrong. In renovations, it’s not always smooth sailing. Sometimes you have to deal with some curve balls, but we work through these and always make sure the client is included and kept well informed. This business philosophy reiterates to our clients that there is a reason we have been around for over 10 years and we’re going to be around for many more years,??? he says.

“We aren’t running a business based on false hopes and promises, we stick around from start to finish to take care of our clients. We’ve heard some horrible stories of clients having major issues with renovations, whether something has gone wrong, they either lost money or were left hanging by their contractor. We don’t conduct business that way. We have an excellent track record. A great percentage of our business comes from referrals by past customers and our business relationships.

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